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Welcome to Belvedere Advisors LLC's Virtual Investment Manager.

Are you prepared for the next market downturn?

In this aging bull market, delaying adding risk management to such an important part of your portfolio could leave you vulnerable to the next downturn.

Risk-managed investing made easy.

Get a risk-managed alternative to a traditional buy-and-hold core—without the high fees. We equip investors to compete in changing market environments with a strategically diversified portfolio.

Discover sophisticated, institutional-type strategies—normally reserved for wealthy investors—without the cost encountered with other dynamic, risk-managed investments.

Create your investment account.

Creating your investment account is easy.

  1. Create your profile. Tell us a little about yourself (name, address, telephone number, etc.)
  2. Complete your suitability questionnaire. Let us know your investment risk tolerance and goals.
  3. Get your personalized investment portfolio. Your responses to the suitability questionnaire will match you with a diversified portfolio designed for your expressed investment goals and tolerance for risk.
  4. Sign your advisory agreement online. This agreement allows us to manage your portfolio.
  5. Open an investment advisory account. With just a few clicks, open your investment advisory account. Once your account is approved and funded, we will manage your portfolio for you within your account.
  6. Stay informed. Once you have created your account, you will receive weekly updates related to your investment performance.
Before you begin
We recommend using a current version of one of the following browsers to complete this process
Browser Support
Explorer Internet Explorer and Edge are NOT recommended!
Please allow about 5-10 minutes to complete the suitability questionnaire and set up your account. Leaving in the middle of the process will cause you to lose your progress.
How much time?
About Belvedere Advisors LLC

Belvedere Advisors is a technology-driven investment firm that offers clients investment strategies managed by proprietary algorithms. Each strategy is based on a theme, ranging from high-tech (with the Tech Leaders portfolio) to a more diversified and balanced approach to investing. Because the strategies are algorithmic, they are not driven by emotions or human judgement that is often biased towards very recent event.. Our investment strategies are available to very small and large investors alike. As an investor, you keep control of your investment assets at all times, Belvedere Advisors is only authorized by you to execute the trades in your account that correspond to the investment strategy you selected. You may add or withdraw money on any day, or remove your account from the investment strategy at any time with no fee or penalty. Your account will be opened in a few click at Interactive Brokers, one of the largest institutional brokerage firms in the United States.

About Our Investment Portfolios

The portfolios offered by Belvedere Advisors are based a blend of your personal circumstances, which we assess from a short suitability questionnaire, and technical financial metrics that seek to provide downside protection in difficult market conditions. Our portfolios are managed in your personal brokerage account automatically by our algorithms, with no human intervention to avoid natural personal biases. Your money never leaves your account, and you remain in full control of your account at all times. You may add or withdraw money at any time, change or exit your investments with us on any day without any penalty or fees.

Besides the automatic implementation of your chosen portfolio, our approach offers several layers of risk management to attempt to protect capital during market downturns. Depending on your portfolio, these include (a) automatic reallocation/rebalancing among the securities used in your portfolio to carry out the underlying investment strategy; (b) periodic reallocation of capital across multiple underlying strategies; (c) trailing stop losses for the overall portfolio strategy and/or at the individual security level, that can bring your portfolio entirely or partially to cash. Your portfolio is automatically reviewed and assessed every day by our algorithms, so that you do not have to take any action besides reviewing your own account as you would any other investment account.